E-COBOT mobilizes its skills and its products

Seeking to participate at its level in the fight against COVID-19, E-COBOT mobilizes its skills and its products at the service of its customers in order to help them strengthen barrier actions, ensure business continuity and secure their teams and customers.


SARS-COV-2 virus still little known:
– Transmission by microdroplets in the air and by contact;
– Volatile virus (change of sheets, vacuum cleaner, drafts);
– Duration of infectious survival unknown: from 2 hours to 9 days and
variable depending on the type of material surfaces.


– Wait 3 hours before cleaning intervention
– Wet cleaning, drying, bleach disinfection
– Equip staff with PPE before disposal according to the protocol in force
– No intermediate removal during the change of sheets


The disinfection solution for your premises

E-COBOT, with its intelligent mobile cobot Husky and TRONICO, through its brand dedicated to the medical sector TAME-CARE, are launching a range of disinfection solutions:HUSKYUV.This mobile cobot, equipped with its accessory, disinfects surfaces and ambient air by UV-C radiation in masked time aimed at fighting the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic.


HUSKY Follower
Reinforce barrier gestures using the husky cobot

In order to strengthen physical distancing and reduce surfaces with potential for the propagation of viruses and bacteria in storage or picking operations on the shelves, E-COBOT has developed a load transport solution in Easy-to-follow mode. use. This version can be controlled with just one button, without training and can be customized according to the types of loads to be transported with its range of accessories attached to HUSKY.


Husky Drive
Control helper solution

In order to strengthen barrier actions and ensure the health and safety of Supermarket-Drive customers, E-COBOT has developed during the containment phase a specific accessory adaptable to HUSKY.
The solution ensures automatic delivery, in masked time, of races prepared in Drive directly to the trunks of customers’ cars. This saves time for Drive deliverers and reduces waiting times for customers.