Our Values

The people at E-COBOT demonstrate integrity, loyalty and team spirit, share the founder’s energy and passion, and know how to build healthy, lasting relationships.

the people at e-cobot demonstrate integrity, loyalty and team spirit, share the founder’s energy and passion, and know how to build healthy, lasting relationships.
Our values define our identity.

People, first and foremost :

We channel all of our expertise and work into helping people in their everyday working lives.
We create cobotics and artificial intelligence solutions, designed by and for people. These are collaborative robots. Collaboration is founded on consideration and interconnectedness. We have developed powerful technology that helps people.
Our people are the most important asset for our company.

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Innovation through use, a user-centric approach :

Innovation at E-COBOT isn’t just about a technology: it is first and foremost about pragmatically resolving a properly identified user need. Our innovation approach is driven by an in-depth understanding of what people want and need in their daily lives.

The design thinking methodology is an inherent part of E-COBOT and is integral to the company’s DNA and values. This culture is shared by all of the teams, meaning that we are “makers” who are quick to prototype and trial ideas. The goal is to validate the use, rather than the tool. This design-thinking approach is one of the key factors that led to the creation of the HUSKY cobot.

Today, we apply this methodology to each new project, enabling us to excel in the responses we provide to our customers. Cobotics and innovation through use share common concerns: user well-being, support and performance.

Innovating daily is what drives us !

Team spirit , a fundamental
value at e-cobot:

The fact is that talent alone isn’t enough. We take care to build a closely-knit team committed to human relations, as team spirit extends further than E-COBOT’s doors. We strive to enact this within the team, as well as in your project, with you – everyone together.

Convinced that people deliver added value, we work on a participatory and collaborative basis, leaving plenty of room for initiative, innovation and non-conformity. By allowing every individual to express their potential, we foster the emergence of a creative, motivated and passionate team.

Team spirit at E-COBOT is therefore key, as we are convinced that collective fulfilment, sharing and dialogue lead to added value.

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“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success”.

Henry Ford

Cultural diversity – a valuable asset in creating, innovating and enterprising:

E-COBOT is a mixture of Greek, Portuguese, Moroccan, Spanish, Libyan, Tunisian, Cambodian and French cultures. This enables us to utilise everyone’s ideas and promote a creative dynamic, as well as develop synergies and acquire new skills, which facilitate in-house creativity and innovation.

We believe that difference and diversity are valuable assets, offering us new perspectives that make our company stronger. We are convinced that our breadth and our ability to innovate come from these differences. Difference is our strength and diversity is our most important asset.

First and foremost, we are “makers” passionate about advancing cobotics that serve everyone.