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Smart mobile robot technology

HUSKY can move loads in your premises autonomously or in follower mode. ​

Technical Features

Dimensions: 750 x 750 x 350 mm
Weight: 64 kg
Towed payload: 250 kg
Towing capacity: 1,000 kg
Towing capacity by indexing
(under the load): 500 kg

Half-turn on the spot

Adjustable safety fields
CE battery life: 10 hours
Autonomous charging: yes
Dynamic obstacle avoidance: yes
Slopes: 10%
Nominal speed: 3.7 mph
Ground clearance: 5 cm
Crossing capacity: 3 cm

Made in France CE Product ​



This model can automatically index and de-index underneath a incompatible castor trolley and can be adapted according to the parts being transported.

The HUSKY INDEX moves products (up to 500 kg) without carrying them to their destination in autonomous or follower mode. It can deliver the trolley completely independently before leaving to collect another one.​

Technical Features

Payload up to 500 kg
Nominal speed: 3.7 mph
Overall dimensions: 750 x 750 x 401 mm
Total weight: 98 kg
Type of compatible carts/trolleys:
Min internal depth: 600 mm
Min internal width: 855 mm
Min height / ground: 411 mm

Requires mounting an indexing interface under your cart or trolley, available in our options.

Made in France CE Product ​



This model can automatically hitch and unhitch using its automatic magnetic hitching system.

​HUSKY GRABBER tows its trailer (up to 1 tonne) to its destination in autonomous or follower mode and leaves to collect another one.​

Technical Features

Charge utile à tracter jusqu’à 1000Kg ​​
Vitesse nominale : 6 km/h ​
Dimensions hors tout : 750 x 750 x 877 mm​
Masse totale : 134Kg ​

Type de chariots compatibles :
Longueur : de 500mm à 2500 mm ​
Largeur : de 350 mm à 1200 mm​
Hauteur : de 146 mm à 446 mm​
Épaisseur : 2,5 à 5mm​

Made in France CE Product ​



This model can be used to manually hitch carriages of three “dolly” tray holders.

HUSKY DRIVE was designed with and for drive-in order preparers at supermarkets. They support teams to help them make autonomous deliveries to customers’ car boots.

Technical Features

Payload up to 130 kg carried
Overall dimensions deployed:
H 976 mm – L 1,100 mm – W 740 mm
Overall dimensions folded:
H 976 mm – L 740 mm – W 740 mm
Total weight: 85 kg

Dimensions of compatible carts:
Depth: 600 mm
Width: 400 mm
Height: 350 mm

Made in France CE Product ​



This model includes a conveyor
It is automatically motorised, enabling it to load, move and unload trays or packages. Multi-level configurations are available. .

The HUSKY CONVEYOR pairs with a motorised or passive stationary conveyor to collect or deliver its load in autonomous mode.

Technical Features

Payload up to 50 kg
Nominal speed: 3.7 mph
Overall dimensions: 750 x 750 x 1,055 mm*
Total weight: 120 kg

Loading surface: 675 x 700 mm
Rollers: Diameter 50 mm; tread: 75 mm
*Loading height / ground: 1,055 mm
Manual height adjustment: +/- 100 mm
Supply voltage: 24V

Automatically adjustable height
Belt conveyor
Two loading levels with configurable height
Other dimensions

Made in France CE Product ​



This model can transport a range of various sizes of parts in autonomous or follower mode.

The multi-service, modular, fixed shelves on HUSKY allow for a multitude of possibilities thanks to the various configurations and dimensions available.

Technical Features

Payload up to 120 kg carried
Nominal speed: 3.7 mph
Overall dimensions:
H 1,130 mm – L 740 mm – W 740 mm
Total weight: 94 kg ​

Other dimensions on request

Made in France CE Product ​



Manual Drawbar accessory for HUSKY mobile cobot

An accessory to manually tow rollers for transporting trays or boxes using a drawbar hitching hook. ​

Technical Features

Type of load: Towed
Overall dimensions deployed:
H 734 mm – L 890 mm – W 740 mm
Overall dimensions folded:
H 780 mm – L 740 mm – W 740 mm
Total weight: 80 kg

Made in France CE Product ​



This model allows the operator to easily access all of the available controls (tablet with application, configurable HMI, emergency stop button and manual release handles).

This pulpit can be combined with other HUSKY models.

Technical Features

Payload up to 130 kg
Nominal speed: 3.7 mph
Overall dimensions: 750 x 750 x 707 mm
Total weight: 84 kg

Loading surface: 800×650 mm

Requires mounting an indexing interface under your cart or trolley, available in our options*.

Made in France CE Product ​



Accessory for fitting a collaborative robotics arm, its control unit and a battery for power self-sufficiency

This accessory combines the advantages of a collaborative robot and a smart mobile cobot in one system for mobility and flexibility of use​

Technical Features

Compatible brands:

Type of arm: Collaborative range only < 20 Kg
Max power: 1,000W

Non-simultaneous movements
Safe transmission of information between arm and HUSKY

Nominal speed: 3.7 mph
Dimensions: 750 x 750 x 1050 mm*
*(without the collaborative robot)

Made in France CE Product ​



HUSKY UV is a mobile platform fitted with a UV disinfection and air filtration column.

This disinfection accessory for the HUSKY mobile cobot was designed to kill 99.99% of bacteria in just 1 hour using UV-C light, thereby reducing the spread of Covid-19 and all infectious diseases in various environments.

Technical Features

Dimensions: 1,850 x 750 x 750 mm
Weight: 220 kg
Nominal speed: 3.7 mph
Ground clearance: 5 cm

Type of bulbs: Low-pressure mercury bulb
Power: 1,080 W electric/343 W optical
Type of light: UV-C
Type of waves: 254 nm

Safety systems:
– Emergency stop
– Laser scanners
– 360° human detection
– Light signal
– Audible signal

Operating modes:
– Air filtration autonomous
– Air filtration autonomous + UV-C surfaces
– Remote operation
– Maintenance

Made in France CE Product ​



HUSKY SMARTPAL is a mobile platform for the stable and secure transportation of pallets in remote operated and follower autonomous mode.

It was designed to work with People for the transfer of pallets in narrow aisles and help them in their daily logistics tasks. It can be used on its own or as part of an automated fleet of autonomous delivery mobile robots.

Technical Features

Load capacity: 1,000 kg
Lifting height: 500 mm
Max speed: 3.7 mph (1.7 m/sec)
Weight: 500 kg
Turning circle: 1,500 mm
Unladen battery life: 4 hours
Pallet smart detection system
using 3D vision
up to 2 m (4 m as an option) with an accuracy of up to +/- 1 cm and a detection time of < 1 sec

Made in France CE Product ​

Peripherals and options


Additional options on request

The range of HUSKY mobile robots can be customised with various compatible options.

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Automatic loading dock
Base for automatically charging the battery and updating the layout of the navigation map

Vertical laser scanners
Non-PLd for detecting obstacles at a height (excluding assembly)

Additional laser scanner
(x1) “Cap” PLd

Laser projection for the HUSKY footprint on the ground (red spot)

Flashing-light breast height visual signal

Audible signal

Precision docking and positioning option

Retractable manual drawbar for hitching with HUSKY Manual Grabber


Communication peripherals

HUSKY units can be controlled using all of these remote or embedded peripherals.

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IoT remote HUSKY calling system
• Illuminated button unit
• Text display + Button

IoT sensors
• Magnetic, inductive, ultrasonic, capacitive sensors, laser for detection (absence/presence)
• Fill level monitoring

IoT concentrators
• 1 – Used to concentrate the information from the sensors and send it to the IoT management server PLC
2 – Used to send information from the IoT management server PLC to the IoT actuators

IoT actuator
• IoT illuminated and audible cylinder (7 colours)
• Motorised or barrier door opening relay

IoT management server PLC
Used to configure the launch of assignments according to the information escalated by the concentrators

Customer PLC
Calling of HUSKY by a PLC already installed on site (if MQTT communication output available)

IoT wired or Wi-Fi connection
For communication between the concentrators and the PLC

ISO 27001 certified equipment box for secure remote access

MyCOBOT Suite Device
Devices on which the MyCobot suite can be installed (tablets, smartphones, screens, etc.)

Remote control
Control HUSKY locally via a Bluetooth connection

HUSKY detection sensor for nearby moving machinery. This is installed on the forklift truck operator’s dashboard

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HUSKY Technology


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