Husky UV

The disinfection solution for
your premises including sars-cov-2

The principle of UV-C

– UV-C naturally emanates from the sun;
– Radiation from mercury vapor UV-C lamps (253.7 nm) = DNA absorption peak (260-265 nm);
– Widely used for 40 years to disinfect drinking water, wastewater, air, pharmaceuticals and surfaces against a variety of human pathogens (1);
– Their germicidal function directly proportional to the times and power of radiation exposure allows ” eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria from air and visible surfaces.

The field of action of uv

All bacteria and viruses tested to date (several hundred over the years, including other coronaviruses) respond to UV disinfection. (2)

Studies on the sensitivity of Coronaviruses to UV-C rays (200 to 280 nm) (2):
– D90 (90% disinfection): 0.7 to 24.1 mj / cm2
– SARS-COV-2 extrapolation: D99 (99% disinfection): 50 mj / cm2

(1) :
(2) : Biocompany Intellego technologies)


Eliminates up to 99,99%
bacteria and viruses in just 1 hour


Your infrastructures are exposed to various contaminations. You must ensure the cleaning of your establishment receiving the public according to standard NFX 50-79X


As my local is closed to the public, my last teams are leaving the premises, routine
is initiated after business hour to disinfect surrounding air and visible surfaces by UV-C.



I tell HUSKY the pre-recorded cleaning scenario.
HUSKY moves around the area on its own and irradiates surfaces with UV



I remotely teleoperate HUSKY in the areas to be disinfected.
I move HUSKY to irradiate surfaces by UV.

In just 1 hour, ensure effective daily disinfection
(450 m² = 99,99%, 99% = 650m², 90% = 1300m²)

Reassure your staff, your customers and the CSE (CHSCT). Strong action vis-a-vis your social partners to promote resumption of activity

The intelligent mobile cobot to
Reinforce barrier gestures

Remote and autonomous activation

Autonomous | Follower | Teleoperated

Security in the event of human presence

360° detection

Virus & DNA destruction 99.99%

Germicidal irradiation: DNA destruction

Proof of radiation from surfaces

Des marqueurs de mesure (testés cliniquement) du taux de radiation reçues par les surfaces
jusqu’à 100 mj/cm2


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