Your French mobile robotics partner that develops, manufactures and integrates all of its products, from the algorithm to the wheels.

Our business

E-COBOT is a French leader in cobotics systems featuring artificial intelligence. We manufacture autonomous mobile robots (AIV/AMR) and provide support on their daily use.​

E-COBOT leads its missions in project mode led by a cross functional team, the best set up for cobotics. Our facilities are equipped with the best industrial means and computer resources, fitting to every kind of solution.

We are actively involved in tomorrow’s innovations and provide the 4.0 solutions that meet your challenges and today’s standards. Our solutions are developed, qualified, industrialised and tested to ensure reliability and a service rate that meets your expectations.

Our expertise lies in marrying artificial intelligence and mechatronics to serve your projects.

Design & manufacture

We are primarily an industrial manufacturer of cobotics solutions and we develop our products in line with automotive industry and project management standards.


Because it’s vital to be by your side, we are able to help you define your need, choose the right technical solutions and integrate collaborative robotics and cobotics solutions. We train you, maintain our products and handle the repurposing process.​

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E-COBOT owns and controls the embedded intelligence, the physical security chain, the cybersecurity and the mechanical sizing of its products

There’s no one better to tell you about our products than us.
All of their features (navigation, localisation, geometry, sizing, etc.) are owned by us and have been developed by our teams. We specified and validated every single one of these features according to a strict testing plan – because in artificial intelligence you need to know your technology like the back of your hand.

After all, you don’t want robots taking control instead of you…

The E-COBOT team

A team of “engineer entrepreneurs” specialising in robotics, cobotics and artificial intelligence

Our multidisciplined team has one thing in common: we are all entrepreneurs striving to understand, observe and analyse your business to offer you the right solutions.

With its 43 Engineers and PhDs in AI, robotics, mechatronics, electronics, cognitive science, biomechanics and embedded systems, E-COBOT aims to be the benchmark in premium, reliable and affordable cobotics systems serving people.

Our certifications and commitments

Everyone at E-COBOT is involved in ensuring our customers’ satisfaction through our pragmatic management system that bolsters the quality of projects and continuous improvement.

The technical proficiency in the activities, methods and associated tools, and the ongoing quest for efficiency and competitiveness give our customers assurance that we will deliver high value-added projects.

Our Quality Policy is structured around the following three components:

 – our customers’ satisfaction
 – our employees’ satisfaction
 – continuous improvement

Because growing our company is a key element of our commitment, we are ISO 9001, ISO 14 001 and ISO 45 001 certified.

ISO 9 001 : 2015

Guarantee complete customer satisfaction

ISO 14 001 : 2015

Manage and reduce our environmental impact

ISO 45 001 : 2018

Guarantee the safety of our employees and the end users of our products.

Our strategic growth areas:

– Assist people with their work as part of a community mindset.
– Reduce our environmental impact,
– Protect people by improving safety,
– Guarantee the satisfaction of our interested parties.

Supplier and car policy

Eager to work and establish itself in the local industrial landscape for the long term, E-COBOT fosters partnerships with industry players in the Grand-Ouest region of France. This approach enables us to:

– Guarantee the quality of our product through dialogue facilitated by proximity,
– Reduce transportation and therefore the environmental impact,
– Contribute to the activities of the local economic landscape.

Protecting the environment is an imperative. We therefore leverage partnerships formed to improve our products while at the same time reducing our impact by optimising materials, manufacturing processes and transport.

We are also highly sensitive to the environmental impact of digital technology, a subject that is central to our concerns, notably through the ISO 14001 approach. E-COBOT’s goal is to make a long-term commitment to reducing its digital impact.


We convey our values, both internally through our management principles, and externally, through our relations with partners and customers.

The people at E-COBOT demonstrate integrity, loyalty and team spirit, share the founder’s energy and passion, and know how to build healthy, lasting relationships.