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Are you looking for solutions to automate your product or material deliveries on your premises? Do you know about AMR, AIV, AGV, mobile robots and mobile cobots? Have you identified your target routes and operating mode?

Browse our catalogues to choose the product that best meets your need, as well as the options and control or communication peripherals that can be easily installed on your site.


Are wou looking for an expert partner to help you make the right product choices ?

Browse our service catalogue before making the leap, for assistance options throughout your project or product training.

The husky technology
matches your budget and needs

Enter the world of mobile robotics: E-COBOT provides various financing solutions to address your autonomous delivery challenges


This is the “traditional” investment approach (CAPEX). You own your equipment and depreciate it over time.

Only the warranty is included.

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This involves a long-term leasing contract, with no purchase option. You pay a fixed all-inclusive rental fee over 12 to 60-month terms. Short-term contracts are also available on request.

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This is a brand-new offering in mobile cobotics, allowing you to only pay for what you use. Rental fees vary according to hours of use over 12 to 60-month terms.

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This model gives you access to regional or national financial support mechanisms through various assistance programmes:​

  • Grants​
  • Repayable advances
  • Interest-free loans

Each phase of your project may be eligible for this support. We provide free help with assembling your financing applications to guarantee your project’s success while controlling your risk.


This model allows you to correlate the financing of your mobile robot fleet with the contracts you win from your customers.

When your customer contract ends, your HUSKY contract also ends, meaning you won’t end up with unused equipment.

This operating mode allows you to:

  • Use new equipment regularly
  • Maintain your debt capacity
  • Know your fixed fees in advance
  • Not pay advance VAT​
  • Not have to bear the cost of depreciated equipment

​Everything is included
(product, software, installation, training and maintenance)

For short contracts of less than 12 months, please contact us


This is a new business model that’s unique in the world of mobile cobotics.

Many organisations talk about it and make calculations to convert the amount invested into an amount per hour or per mile, but few actually implement it.

RaaS (Robot as a Service) comes from the world of IT in SaaS mode (Software as a Service). You no longer have to worry about the equipment – we commit to providing you with a functional and available mobile robot service.

With the HUSKY metered solution starting from €5 per hour, everything is included.

  • HUSKY​​
  • Installation, training​
  • Warranty over the term (3 or 5 years)
  • Maintenance: annual servicing inspection​
  • Software updates included
  • Spare parts are included as an option

You gain easy access to cobotics technology.
You control your financial risk and recurring costs as operating expenses.

You immediately reap the productivity benefits thanks to immediate ROI.


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