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Cobotics and robotics

«The “cobot”, a machine designed not to replace a worker and take his job, but to help him do the job more efficiently and with reduced risk of injury.»

Jon van (December 11, 1996) Mechanical Advantage, Chicago Tribune

This emerging technology aims to complement traditional robotics in order to seek the best possible interactions between human and machine. Transdisciplinary, cobotics pave the way for new applications in many sectors.


About us

E-COBOT is a Nantes-based company created in 2016, specializing in design and integration of cobotics solutions and in Artificial Intelligence.Our mission is to keep human at the heart of our activities by developing their performance and added value.

E-COBOT is multidisciplinary : we are all entrepreneurs eager to understand, observe and analyze your business in order to offer you adapted solutions.