E-COBOT after-sales support

A complete range of standard manufacturer services

E-cobot after-sales support includes a complete
Range of standard manufacturer services

Legal Warranty:

The Product sold by our Company is covered by the legal warranty for latent defects defined in articles 1641 and following of the French Civil Code.

Commercial Warranty:

Our Company is committed to restoring or replacing the parts in the Product sold and installed if a failure occurs within a period of one (1) year starting from receipt of the Product by the Customer.

Obtaining warranty service

Any complaint regarding the warranties described above can be submitted to the after-sales department of our Company, subject to provision by the Customer of the warranty certificate and the invoice issued by our Company.

In any event, the Customer undertakes to never remove or dismantle, by either itself or a third party, any element of the Product that may prove defective, without our Company’s express and written authorisation. Accordingly, the Customer undertakes to entrust this removal or dismantling to our Company or to a subcontractor appointed by our Company. Failing that, the Customer will be solely responsible for the adverse consequences of failures in the product and may not incur the liability of our Company.

Warranty exclusion:

The warranties described opposite are excluded in the event of any failures, deterioration or damage resulting from:

  • technical work not authorised by our Company (notably in the event of dismantling, repair and/or modification by the Customer itself or by a third party),
  • abnormal, unreasonable and/or inadequate conditions of use,
  • intentional or accidental destruction,
  • a change of the assignment of the Product by the Customer.
  • failure by the Customer to follow the instructions on the use and/or servicing of the Product,
  • normal wear and tear,
  • improper monitoring,
  • and any other cause not attributable to a failure in the manufacturing or design of the Product.



We perform work orders :

  • At the customer’s request
  • On quotation
  • Within a negotiated timeframe


We perform work orders:

  • According to a multi-year schedule predefined in the maintenance plan
  • For a service
    Including a price agreed for the term of the contract/span>
    Including/not including the price of spare parts and labour
  • Within a maximum timeframe defined in the event of a failure



  • If possible at predetermined regular intervals
  • Based on prescribed criteria
  • Designed to prolong the equipment’s active life
  • Designed to reduce the probability of hardware failure
  • Without waiting for a failure to occur



  • Performed after a failure is detected
  • Designed to restore equipment to working order to perform the function for which it is intended.
Why maintain your equipment?

It requires attention to maintain:

Its performance and reliability

  • – Ability of a product to perform a required function,
    under given conditions, during a given period of time.
  • – To measure reliability, we look at the failure rate

Your site is constantly active and so is your cobotics installation:

Changes to the environment

  • Changes to buildings and equipment
  • Changes to flows and processes
  • Changes to teams
  • Self-pollution


  • Stress periods
  • Excess workloads
  • Initiation periods
  • Specific demands
Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance for the long haul:

  • Preventive maintenance has no direct effect on the minimum value of the failure rate
  • Preventive maintenance increases the operating life of equipment

In summary

In summary
In an industrial context in which
the longevity of Robotics and logistics installations needs to be ensured, a failure to maintain products:

  • lowers their reliability,
  • increases corrective repair times,
  • heavily impacts the cost of failure.

A combination of these three causes can have disastrous consequences on the availability and operational safety of an installation.

Overview of the e-cobot maintenance offer

E-COBOT provides a range of AFTER-SALES SERVICES, which include all types of deliverables and service levels for different customers

Emergency assistance

AXEL Hotline

0 805 69 05 69

Free calls
from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm

A comprehensive organisational structure rolls into action to guarantee you the best service, no matter where you are in mainland France.

For your proven emergency situations:
– production loss,
– safety of goods and people.

How does it work?

NOur technical platform is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm and is free to call on 0 805 69 05 69. We also have a single email address for customer relations nationwide: axel@e-cobot.com .To ensure we can respond to your requests as quickly and effectively as possible, when you call you should be nearby the product in question and able to handle it.

Work orders

For all work orders, please download and complete our work order form, available at www.e-cobot.com under
“Our Services / After-Sales Support-Maintenance”.
Once completed, the form should be emailed to axel@e-cobot.com.

Repairs and work operations

Our agent records and diagnoses any failure then, if necessary, assigns a technical team as soon as possible. We can perform work directly on your site or provide telephone assistance to resolve your issues, thereby avoiding lengthy and costly downtime.

Emergency assistance and work rates

Customer without contract

Handling*   Cost of service
Online assistance Free
During business hours
+ €750
Outside business hours
Part shipment €750 + Rate price + shipping costs
On-site work operation €1 500 + Rate price + shipping costs

*Based on the highest amount

Customer with a contract

Handling*   Cost of service
Online assistance Free
+ See Contractual Conditions*
Part shipment Free + See Contractual Conditions*
On-site work operation Gratuit + See Contractual Conditions*

*According to the preventive maintenance contract taken out by the customer

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