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Cobotics auditing and consulting, deployment, training
and maintenance of our mobile cobots, tailored services. ​

E-COBOT asssists you from the building of your project to the end of life of our products.
We provide a comprehensive solution with regards to our “CSPP” qualified approach:
Comfort, Safety, Performance and Productivity.



Because the pre-project phase is undoubtedly the most crucial, we call on our business experts (processes, logistics flows, ergonomics, industrialisation) to help you accurately identify your need, choose solutions and sequence the project. Our goal is to ensure you have everything you need before getting under way.


Do you believe your industrial facility could perform better?
Do you have multiple different workstations and don’t know which ones can be easily paired with cobots?

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Our industrial performance experts (engineers experienced in supply chain, aviation, automotive, energy, etc.) are on hand to assist you with:

– Analysing your flows and processes
– Workstation studies and functional requirements studies
– A risk analysis, FMECA
– Identifying constraints and requirements
– Scenarios for advancing flows/processes/solutions
– Gain projection and ROI calculation
– Defining performance measurement KPIs (cycle time and overall equipment efficiency)
– Improving working conditions,
– Studies on implementing robotised or cobotised solutions

After the visit to your factory, the line personnel and manager interviews and analysing the data collected, we provide you with a workstation-by-workstation summary of the gain opportunities. You’ll have everything you need to facilitate your decision-making process and undertake your industrial performance drive.


Do you believe your industrial facility could perform better through work on the equipment, data and administrative flows?

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Our project team conducts an audit for you and measures the current situation to quantify, understand the environment and determine and predict the gains/costs.​

– Cost analysis (cost control, variance analysis, cost qualification and prioritisation, Pareto, RC/NRC, etc.)
– Lean 6 Sigma (Hishikawa, 5P, 6M, 8D, product/process capabilisation, SMED, TPM)
– SIPOC: a tool for highlighting suppliers and input data, processes and customers, and output data
– Value stream mapping (study of the flows and performances for reducing the previously identified costs)
– Comparison of your business with various business standards: GRAMS, ANPQP, LBIP, PMI, ISO9001, ISO 9100, norms and regulations on robotics, cobotics, ergonomics and safety


Do you want to acquire a mobile robot or a complete collaborative solution, but don’t have all of the knowledge or skills to specify your need? ​​

Because specifications are one of the cornerstones of our collaboration, we help you to write them. ​


If you want to visualise your future facility and get tangible data on its performances, we offer a simulation service.

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Analysis and recommendations on implementing HUSKY in a customer environment (flows, processes, interaction between participants, etc.)
Deliverables: technical file on setting out the solution to be implemented

Flexsim software for 3D flow modelling and simulation
Deliverable: technical flow simulation file
– 3D modelling of flows and processes based on customer production data and history
– Productivity simulation according to resource allocations
– Measurement of gains and rate of use of resources

HUSKY trials & tests on the customer site
Deliverables: Presentation of setup/sizing study and budget estimate for deploying the sized solution


Periodic of full support, we won’t let you down halfway through. Our team is continually trained in installing and deploying the equipment we offer. You choose the program that meets your needs – e-learning courses or training on the customer site.


Working with E-COBOT means choosing serenity on:

    • Project management and monitoring, joint validation of milestones
    • The installation, configuration and deployment of our products
    • The installation and configuration of IoT peripherals and options
    • The creation of custom MycobotWeb interfaces
    • The connectivity to your network, IS and infrastructure
    • Your ramp-up or series production with operational support

Choose the package that suits your needs. ​


Free tutorial on expert-level training – we offer various modules: ​

    • Open-access free tutorials on our website
    • User training (including Mycobot USER and Mycobot Web)
    • Administrator training (including Mycobot Manager)
    • Creation of custom MycobotWeb interfaces
    • Standards and Safety training
    • Level 1 and 2 Maintenance training ​​

Choose the package that suits your needs. ​


Maintaining our mobile robots in operational condition is a priority for us, because it’s a priority for you. Our products are designed to go the distance: did you know that the HUSKY lifespan is 135,000 hours (excluding wearing parts)? To give you serenity and service continuity, we offer several maintenance contracts, free assistance and an extended warranty.


Our technical platform is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm and is free to call on
0 805 69 05 69 (n° vert). We also have a single email address for customer relations
nationwide: axel@e-cobot.com. ​


The AXEL BOX is a one-click remote access solution between your HUSKY installation and the manufacturer’s support teams, providing a secure VPN connection that is easy to install on your Ethernet network or via a 4G connection. ​

The AXEL BOX allows you to:​

  • Receive updates to MyCobot Suite software
  • Receive support on creating or modifying assignments
  • Receive remote repairs without a technician call-out and in record time, thereby reducing downtime


To ensure you have continual operational activity, so you can control your costs and preserve your cobots’ lifespan. E-COBOT offers two maintenance contracts: SILVER & GOLD. They include an extended warranty, preventive maintenance, backup inventory, support and work order completion in under 24 hours and the replacement of wearing parts depending on the contract taken out

Each of your devices alerts you when the date for its preventive maintenance inspection is approaching.

#At the Top: In Mycobot Manager, you can directly view the details of our support by downloading the work order report.​

at the end of the product’s life

We collect our products at the end of their life to manage their processing. We buy your mobile robots, from any brand, based on a purchasing scale.

The lifespan of our products is
135,000 hours or 5 years.

The warranty is for one year (renewable with a maintenance contract). ​

​Our batteries are UN38.3 and RoHS certified, with a lifespan of 4,500 cycles (80%) and 2-year or 5-year warranties.

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