You want to transform your robots into cobots, integrate a collaborative robot or deploy a mobile cobot.

At the end of the audit or design phase, we integrate our solutions or existing solutions (collaborative robotics, cobotics, exoskeleton) by ensuring the deployment, training and maintenance of the solution.


of mobile robots and cobots

Do you have a project to automate your intralogistics flows?

After a study of the overall flow of your plant, the workstations, the types of loads to be transported and the rates to be respected, E-COBOT offers you different response scenarios based on mobile robotics technologies: AGV, AIV, AMR, mobile Cobots .The different solutions on the market each bring their advantages and are more or less efficient depending on the use cases of each company.Nevertheless they are a simple, secure, flexible, scalable, efficient and economical way to help your operators in their handling and internal transport tasks.

The E-COBOT integration teams help you choose the right products to deploy in the right place with an optimized return on investment!


Integration of collaborative robot arms

Do you have a collaborative robot integration project?

After a study of workstations, risk and ergonomics analysis, types of loads to handle and rates and ROI to be respected, E-COBOT offers you:
– A panorama of brands and models of collaborative robots that can meet your requirements (YASKAWA, FANUC, Universal Robot, ABB, etc.)
– Identification of the market gripper (mechanical, magnetic or suction) or a custom design
– Identification of sensors (vision, safety scanner)
– The design of the robot support and its installation
– Programming, tests, testing, delivery and production of the complete application at the workstation


Integration of mobile collaborative robot arms

Do you need mobility AND handling?

Do you want to optimize your process but it is impossible to equip each station with a collaborative robot?

E-COBOT offers you a hybrid solution by equipping an autonomous collaborative energy robot fixed and controlled directly by a mobile cobot.

Thanks to its expertise in mobile robotics and collaborative robotics arm, E-COBOT will combine all of its know-how in order to design and assemble the solution that will allow you to improve the productivity of several workstations for an investment. optimized.