Audit & Consulting

Do you want to improve your competitiveness and the comfort of your teams?
Have you identified a specific need for cobotics?
Want to turn your cobots robots, or design a customized mobile cobot?
You’re wondering about the integration of a collaborative robot, cobot, an AGV or an exoskeleton?

E-cobot will accompany you throughout your project by analyzing your needs, and will offer you a global solution respecting our approach qualified as “cspp”:
Comfort, safety, performance and productivity.

Our expertise

Industrial performance

Do you think that your industrial tool could be more efficient?
Do you have a multitude of different positions and you do not know how to use a cobotic solution ?

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Our experts in industrial performance (engineer experienced in supply chain, aeronautics, automotive, energy, etc.) support you in order to achieve:

 – An analysis of your flows and processes 
 – Workstation studies and functional study of the need 
 – A risk analysis, FMEA 
 – Identification of constraints and requirements 
 – Scenarios for changes in flows / processes / solutions 
 – Projection of ROI gain and calculation 
 – Definition of performance measurement KPIs (cycle time and TRS) 
 – Improvement of working conditions, 
 – Study of the implementation of robotic or cobotized solutions 

After visiting your factory, interviewing operators and managers and analyzing the data collected, we provide you with a job-by-job summary of the earning opportunities. You will have all the elements in hand to facilitate your decision-making and start your industrial performance approach.

flow advice

Do you think that your industrial tool could be more efficient thanks to work on material, data or administrative flows?

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Our project team performs for you an audit and a measurement of the existing in order to quantify, understand the environment, determine and forecast the gains / costs.

Depending on the problem identified on the given perimeter, we will use tools and methods such as:

– Cost analysis (Cost control, Variance analysis, Qualification and prioritization of costs, Pareto, RC / NRC …) 
– Lean 6 Sigma (Hishikawa, 5P, 6M, 8D, Product / process capability, SMED, TPM) 
– SIPOC: tool used to highlight suppliers and input data, the process and customers and output data. 
– Value stream mapping (Study of flows and performances for the reduction of previously identified costs) 
– Comparison of your activity with the different business benchmarks: GRAMS, ANPQP, LBIP, PMI, ISO9001, ISO 9100, Standards and regulations for robotics, cobotics, ergonomics and safety 

Advice in
artificial intelligence

Do you work on robotics / cobotics projects involving the assembly of technologies associated with artificial intelligence?

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Our doctors in robotics and artificial intelligence support you in the development:

– Image processing
– Vision and semantic recognition algorithm
– Trajectory programming
– Data fusion algorithm
– Secure piloting interface
– Robot or cobot design

Advice in 
Design cobotics solution

Have you developed a concept or prototyped a product, software, accessory, or cobotic tool?
Have you worked on a technical, industrial, economic solution?
But the notion of use value, design thinking, user experience has escaped you?

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Our experts in UX Design and Industrial Design support you in order to consolidate your project on: :

DESIGN THINKINGa global perception in order to provoke emotions through the image, the shape, the texture, the color, the sound …

GRAPHIC DESIGN a brand territory in order to create a coherent, identifiable visual identity specific to the values ​​of your company

PRODUCT DESIGN / PROCESS, a design focused on user needs to refine your products on ergonomics, shapes,
aesthetics, materials, related functionalities, etc.

Stat of
the art robotics

Have you identified an opportunity for robotization / cobotization of a task?
Can’t find a solution on the market to meet your needs?

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Our robotics experts (Doctors and Engineers) support you in your efforts :

– Identification of existing technologies
– Material sizing (mechanical, electrical, IA, etc.)
– Technical and economic analysis of the feasibility
– Preparation of a financing or aid file

And help you make the right decisions through recommendations and a roadmap to carry out your project.

Our process

Our team of engineers and doctors specializing in cobotics and artificial intelligence is renowned in its mastery of the business process, in the optimization and fluidification of flows. It will be assigned to the realization of your project, until the integration of solutions, and the training of your teams.