Lever to accelerate the flow of goods and reduce costs for companies and end customers

Issues :

– Absorb overactivity in the context of an unprecedented health crisis;
– Absenteeism, lack of resources or skills / training?;
– 15 km traveled per day for shelving or preparation of drive orders?;
– Remove the packaging boxes just before the store opens?

Stakes :

– Replace unnecessary trips by optimizing working times;
– Increase the number of orders or sales units prepared / h;
– Increase or streamline the delivery of drive orders on the 2 peaks of the day;
– Improve speed and quality shelving before opening or during the day.

The context of retail and cobots

The field of logistics and retail encompasses all procedures, methods and processes involved in the movement of people, raw materials and goods along the supply chain and through the transport system. 

In this context of global health crisis, Cobotics plays a key role for this sector. It both reduces employee exposure to disease and increases the productivity of logistics sites. Containment and social distancing measures have indeed led to an increase in online orders. Large-scale technology deployments will accelerate in the coming months so that they do not face the same issues once again. 

The opportunities of cobotics in retail

Such robotic systems make it possible for warehouse and supermarket staff to spend more time on value-added tasks such as satisfying customers, reducing trips, speeding up delivery flows and providing assistance in daily tasks.

These tasks include:  
receiving goods, handling materials, item flow, sorting and storage, order picking, packaging and delivery to the customer 


Discover the use cases of our cobotic solutions for retail


Automatic transport of pallets from stock to shelves

Supply the departments in hidden time and gain efficiency 

HUSKY tows the pallets and makes the round trips between the reserve and the store on its own in masked time. The operators find the products at the head of the gondola. 


Automatic evacuation of cardboard and plastic 

Improve the quality and efficiency of shelving before the store opens 

I put the items on the shelves in the morning before opening, HUSKY carries out independent rounds, I put down my boxes as they go and I concentrate on the “facing” of my shelves. 


Disinfection of up to 99.99% of bacteria by UV-C

Ensure the health and safety of staff and customers 

My establishment receiving the public closes, my last teams leave the premises, I launch a scenario of disinfection of all visible surfaces by UV-C to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in just 1 hour on 450m² 


Help with the collection and sorting of heavy ambient products in Drive or in store

Improve the efficiency of collection and sorting in Drive 

I will prepare the orders for heavy ambient products, HUSKY moves alone in the aisles, I have both hands to concentrate on the items to be picked up. 


Help with restocking shelves

Improve the efficiency of replenishing your shelves 

have to make my round to restock the shelves, I run HUSKY in follower mode, it follows me wherever I go. I focus on the quality of my “Facing” 


Automatic shuttle between departments and drive

I have to deliver products to the drive, I call HUSKY remotely, He comes to me alone, I load Husky and he performs the delivery independently. I concentrate on the tasks specific to my profession.


Help with picking up Internet and Drive orders in-store

Reduce in-store Internet order pickup time 

have to carry out my “Internet Orders” picking round in the shelves, I launch HUSKY in follower mode, it follows me wherever I go. I focus on the list of products to recover 


Delivery of orders to the trunk of the car

Win + 7 orders / hour / HUSKY delivered to customers 

I prepare Drive orders, focus on customer relations and oversee autonomous delivery to each car trunk.