Our Values

We pass them on, internally, in our management principles, and externally, in with our partners and customers.

E-COBOT are men and women who, demonstrate integrity, loyalty and team spirit, share the founder’s energy and passion, and who know how to build healthy and lasting relationships.
Our values define our identity.

The man, in the foreground:

We mobilize all our expertise and our work in order to help men and women in their daily work.
We create cobotic and artificial intelligence solutions, designed by and for people. They are cooperative robots. Cooperation is benevolence, complementarity. We have developed real technology that helps people. Our people are the main wealth of our society.

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Innovation through use, a user-centered approach:

Innovation at E-COBOT is not reduced to a simple technology, it is above all the pragmatic resolution of a clearly identified user need. Our innovation approach is fueled by a deep understanding of what people want and need in their daily lives.

Design Thinking methodology is an inherent part of E-COBOT. It is part of the company’s DNA and its values. This culture is shared by all the teams, which makes us “makers” who do not hesitate to prototype ideas and experiment with them. The objective is to validate the use, not the tool. It is notably thanks to this approach of Design Thinking that the Cobot HUSKY was born.

Today, we apply this methodology to each new project. This allows us to be extremely efficient in the responses we provide to our customers. Cobotics and innovation through use have common concerns: the well-being, help and performance of the user.

We want to innovate on a daily basis!

Team spirita fundamental value within E-COBOT:

Yes, talent alone is not enough. We make sure to build a united team, and attached to human relations. Because the team spirit does not stop at the doors of E-COBOT. We try to live it in the team but also, within the framework of your project, with you. All together!

Convinced of the added value of men, we work in a participatory and cooperative mode, we leave an important place for initiative, innovation and non-conformism. By letting everyone express their potential, we encourage the emergence of a creative, motivated and passionate team.

The team spirit at E-COBOT is therefore capital, because we are convinced of the added value generated by collective development, sharing and exchange.

E-COBOT | engagement et service client-equipe-cobotique

“Getting together is a start, staying together is progress, working together is success”.

Henry Ford

Cultural diversity an asset for creating, innovating and undertaking:

E-COBOT is a mix of Greek, Portuguese, Moroccan, Spanish, Libyan, Tunisian, Cambodian, Indian and French cultures. This makes us powerful by boosting ideas and skills.

From our point of view, diversity provides new perspectives that strengthen our business. We are convinced that our wealth and our ability to innovate come from our differences.

We are above all “makers” wishing to advance the cobotics at the service of all.