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As a result of demographic changes, health systems are under increasing pressure and costs rise as the proportion of caregivers decreases.

Find out how robotic and cobotic solutions perform routine tasks and help caregivers spend more time with their patients.


Managing time-to-market and delivery times is one of the many challenges facing supply chains in the retail world.

Find out how E-COBOT helps you achieve these goals thanks to its ranges of mobile cobots and collaborative robots adapted to your needs and business use cases


Manufacturing production forecasts around the world heralded the start of an upward trend. It has been observed that some manufacturing industries have been able to maintain relatively normal production thanks to high levels of automation.

Find out how E-COBOT provides its expertise, skills and cobotics and robotics solutions to support you in your industrial tool digitalization projects.


The COVID-19 outbreak is not going to go away next week. Some forecasts tell us that it will never really be eradicated and that it will become an annual health event, like the flu, but with less drastic effects.

Find out how E-COBOT is getting into the disinfection of viruses and bacteria and the fight against COVID-19