Intelligent mobile platform for transport and handling of loads


Husky : The first french
smart mobile cobot

HUSKY was designed to free the operator from the constraints of transporting loads by helping him in his daily handling work.
It has an autonomy of 8 and can carry up to 400 kg tow 2 tons of cargo. Its ease of use and flexibility of installation and reconfiguration, you can deploy this new cobotics solution within your process without modifying your infrastructure and while retaining maximum flexibility.


Carries up
to 400kg


Tows to
2 tons





A follower cobot

It cooperates and naturally follows the operator thanks to its “Morpho-analytics” recognition system to help him in his handling work.

To finalize the mission, Husky returns alone to the delivery point. Operator productivity is then optimized.

An autonomous cobot

Thanks to its artificial intelligence and on-board technologies, Husky evolves alone in any environment.

He works in the midst of men while avoiding obstacles and ensures the safety of goods and people nearby.

He can go alone from point A to point B thanks to his spatial cognitive reasoning “Intelligent mapping”.

A flexible, precise and adaptable mobile cobot
Flexibility and reconfigurability

HUSKY maps, learns and adapts to its environment. It does not require any modification of the customer infrastructure and its path is easily modifiable by the customer.

Positioning and navigation precision

The precision and fusion of data from its sensors allow HUSKY to know where it is at all times. It does not need to readjust with markers added in the navigation area.

Adaptable et
« Easy-To-Use »

Husky meets all the uses it meets thanks to its range of interchangeable business accessories, its interconnection with other systems (PLCs, customer IS, machine, etc.) and its various user control interfaces.

Technology and safety

Secure transport and handling

In France, there are on average more than 8,000 accidents involving operators with lost time and around ten employees killed each year. HUSKY Safety Sensors detect obstacles, other moving machinery or operators. HUSKY then interprets this information to adapt its evolution, thus avoiding the risk of accidents. One of the main advantages of HUSKY is that it protects the property and people nearby. They are safer than a traditional manual vehicle.

HUSKY instantly detects the presence of obstacles and avoids them in order to continue its mission in safety.
HUSKY adapts its speed or stops.
Loads are transported with precision, without accident or shock.
No breakage, no work accident, no absenteeism for incomparable productivity.

Physical security

  • Security tellers generate three 360° zones around HUSKY
  • The green zone allows him to navigate normally while avoiding obstacles
  • Obstacles in the orange and red zone tell him to slow down and stop
  • The emergency stop button and the “parking brakes” complete the integrated safety chain.

Depending on the customer use cases,
options reinforce user security

  • Flashing light or “blue spot” projector
  • Audible warning / alarm signals
  • Identification markings
  • Nearby HUSKY detection box

FMECA AND formation

But apart from the security equipment at E-COBOT, each AMR / AIV project begins with an AMDEC risk analysis carried out with the user client. Training on the operation of technology, use and security completes our approach

E-COBOT anticipates:
We anticipate these changes through our presence within SYMOP and the UNM 81 group, thus participating in the validation of French and international standards concerning robotics:

  • Mobile driverless platforms replacing EN 1525 => ISO-EN 3691-4
  • collaborative arm systems on mobile platforms without driver => ISO-EN 10218-1 & 2
  • We carry out a permanent watch on constantly evolving technologies such as batteries, security components as well as Artificial Intelligence algorithms and their validation in industrial use.


HUSKY, once installed becomes a strategic element of your production or logistics process.

It is equipped with sensors, 3D camera, PCs aggregating a lot of data and carrying several kilos of sometimes very expensive equipment.

Cyber ​​security incidents regularly make headlines. This is why E-COBOT works with ANSSI and cybersecurity experts to integrate from the design of its products:

  • Risk analysis and operational safety
  • The authentication, identity and fingerprint of the cobot
  • The protection of data involved in the cobot
How the HUSKY mobile cobot works

Installation of the Husky

E-COBOT moves HUSKY in the whole area
HUSKY maps the environment of the area and records its reference map. We set up and save the first mission scenarios you need. You are autonomous to realize as many scenarios as you want in this map.

Cycle launch

The user chooses his pre-recorded scenario or the “follower” mode directly on the piloting interface attached to the HUSKY or deported
(remote call)

If necessary, the user equips the HUSKY with the accessory appropriate to his needs


HUSKY knows the map and moves to the different points recorded in the mission scenarios. He avoids obstacles in his way and ensures the safety of goods and people nearby

At the end of its mission, HUSKY returns to its charging dock

Accessories for mobile cobots

Altercobot : an accessory for each profession

Because today more than ever, your work tools must adapt to your daily use. A wide range of standard or custom accessories are available, adaptable and interchangeable with the HUSKY