HUSKY Follower

Reinforce barrier gestures


The intelligent mobile cobot to free the operator’s hands

In order to strengthen physical distancing and reduce surfaces with potential for the propagation of viruses and bacteria in storage or picking operations on the shelves, E-COBOT has developed a load transport solution in Easy-to-follow mode. use. This version can be controlled with just one button, without training and can be customized according to the types of loads to be transported with its range of accessories attached to HUSKY.


Carries up to


1 tons





HUSKY folower use case


1 – Activation of follow mode

Thanks to the Easy-to-use control box
I position myself in front of HUSKY
I launch the follower mode
HUSKY identifies me and follows me.

2 – Operator follow-up

HUSKY follows me on the go and adapts to my speed

3 – Pause and load

I need to pause follower mode to manipulate a load. A single press is necessary to temporarily stop the follower mode

4 – Resumption of the mission

When I’m ready, I reactivate follower mode with the same button.

If the positioning of HUSKY is not optimal for its loading.
I easily disengage the brakes and handle the HUSKY by hand thanks to the ergonomic handles

The 3 product advantages at the service of operator efficiency and health

Reduction of contact surfaces with probability of transmission of viruses and bacteria
Reduction of MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorder) linked to the handling of heavy and bulky trucks
HUSKY adapts to my movement speed effortlessly while keeping both my hands free to focus on

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