Health and cobotics, a lever for saving time in the service of staff in healthcare establishments

Issues :

– Lack of resources and time;
– Poorly equipped with equipment;
– Almost constant overactivity and in particular in a context of unprecedented health crisis.

Stakes :

– Save lives & Make decisions;
– Ensure the health and safety of staff and patients;
– Protect staff and patients;
– Save time and responsiveness.

Cobots: companions of health workers

Due to demographic changes, health systems are under increasing pressure as they deliver health care to an aging population. In addition, the demand for care increases as improved procedures lead to better results in a wider range of medical conditions. Costs increase similarly as the proportion of human caregivers decreases over time.

The application of robotics / cobotics
Is considered part of the solution

Health care is seen as a combination of three subdomains:

– Clinical robotics: defined as robotic systems that support the “care” and “healing” processes.
Rehabilitation: covers postoperative or post-injury care where direct physical interaction with a robot system will improve recovery or replace lost function.

– Assistive robotics: it covers other aspects of robotics in the healthcare process where the main function of the robotic system is to provide assistance either to caregivers or directly to patients, in the hospital or in a specialized care facility.

All of these subdomains are characterized by the need to provide secure systems that take into account the clinical needs of patients and healthcare workers. They will generally be operated or set up by clinically qualified personnel.


Discover the use cases of our cobotics solutions within healthcare establishments

Supply and disposal of laundry

Reduce kilometers traveled and MSDs related to the handling of laundry trolleys

The Nantes (France) University Hospital* process up to 45 tonnes of dirty and clean linen per day between the sites and the central laundry. I use HUSKY in autonomous mode to make the round trips between the different departments and the laundry.

(* testimony from CHU staff)


Automatic waste disposal

Reduce the kilometers traveled for waste management according to the appropriate channels

Unpacking consumables generates several tons of waste every week. HUSKY in autonomous mode is my companion to carry out the transport of the different types of waste:
– DASRI: Waste from Healthcare Activity with Infectious Risk
– DMA: Household and Similar Waste
– Cardboard and packaging recyclable or recoverable

Disinfection of up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses by UV-C

Ensure the health and safety of staff and patients

My establishment receiving the public closes, my last teams leave the premises, I launch a scenario of disinfection of all visible surfaces by UV-C to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in just 1 hour on 450m².


Transfer of samples for analysis to the laboratory

Maximize the time allocated to patients 

have to transfer paper files to another service, consultation, archives or samples for analysis. I call HUSKY equipped with its adapted accessory (secured under key, at controlled temperature ..). They move alone to the destination that I indicate to him. 


Replenishment of consumables and medical equipment

Gain more than 1000km / year
per person traveled

I work in urology consultation I ask HUSKY to make the 8 daily round trips between the consultations located on the ground floor and the 1st floor to recover the cystoscopes in sterilization (i.e. 5km per day) or to deliver the consumables to the department (1 to 4 trolleys delivered per week = 150kilos) 


Delivery of meal trays to rooms

Reduce work stoppages for low back pain related to handling meal trolleys 

I am an HCA (Hospital Care Aide). I call HUSKY remotely and he joins me in autonomous mode with his accessory with dual temperatures + integrated microwave and autonomous in energy. HUSKY follows me to deliver the meal trays to the patients in each room. 

Replenishment shuttle between the central pharmacy and the pharmacies of each department

I am a pharmacist, I make a refill request at the central pharmacy. HUSKY carries out the trip with its secure cabinet alone and under the supervision of the pharmacist.