Hulky: mobile collaborative robot arm

Do you need mobility and handling?
Do you want to optimize your process but it is impossible to equip each station with a collaborative robot?
Offer mobility to your robot arms

Technology and safety

One of the main advantages of AMR / AIV is that they protect the property and people nearby. They are safer than traditional manual vehicles.

In order to secure the AMR / AIV system, there are certain safety rules or safety standards that AMR / AIV must comply with. They should include sensors and safety devices to proactively avoid and prevent risks.


The first mobile cobotic solution compatible with all collaborative robots

HULKY has been designed to receive a large number of robotic arms on the market in order to offer them mobility in complete safety

It is the hybrid solution bringing you:
– The intelligence and mobility of HUSKY
– the capacities of a robotic arm and its grippers
– Energy autonomy on its on-board unit
– Management of the complete solution with a single interface
– The flexibility of using a collaborative robot with several workstations with an optimized investment

A mobile cobotic brick, a robotic brick: several possibilities

  • Intelligent synchronization of the two systems
  • Cabinet integrating the control unit of the arm and its battery
  • Light communication to prevent the environment
  • Husky: Intelligent mobile load transport platform
Flexibility and reconfigurability 

Mobile in autonomous and tracking mode thanks to HUSKY’s ability to move from station to station


An energy-autonomous cabinet that adapts to the biggest brands and models of robots and collaborative robots on the market 


Communication between the intelligent mobile platform and the robot control unit 


E-COBOT anticipates:
We anticipate these changes through our presence within SYMOP and the UNM 81 group, thus participating in the validation of French and international standards concerning robotics:

  • Mobile driverless platforms
    replacing EN 1525 => ISO-EN 3691-4
  • collaborative arm systems on mobile platforms without
    driver => ISO-EN 10218-1 & 2
  • We carry out a permanent watch on constantly evolving technologies such as batteries, security components as well as Artificial Intelligence algorithms and their validation in industrial use.

FMECA and Formation :

  • But apart from the security equipment at E-COBOT, each AMR / AIV project begins with an FMECA risk analysis carried out with the user client
  • Training on the operation of technology, use and security completes our approach