A team of “Ingenious Entrepreneurs”

Specialized in robotics and artificial intelligence

E-COBOT is one of the French leader in robotics systems associated with artificial intelligence

In a context where life expectancy has more than doubled since the 1900s, thanks, among other things, to improvements in health systems, hygiene and food supply, new studies indicate that we do not However, we have not yet reached our limits in terms of human longevity.

​E-COBOT mission is to help humans in complete safety in their daily environment through Innovation, construction and integration of cobotics solutions associated with Artificial Intelligence.

With its 43 Engineers and Doctors in AI, robotics, mechatronics, electronics, cognitive, biomechanics, embedded systems, E-COBOT aims to be the benchmark player in high-end, reliable and accessible cobotics systems at the service of the ‘Man

 Thanks to its Innovation unit: STARLAB, its E-COBOT Technology and E-COBOT Solutions entities, E-COBOT covers and controlsthe entire industrial value chain from design to the integration of key projects in hand at the end customer.

E-COBOT owns and mastersthe embedded intelligence, the physical security chain, cybersecurity and the mechanical of its products.

Expertise in consulting, design and interaction of robotic / Cobotics projects is first and foremost a methodical and structured approach

E-COBOT is based on an operation in project mode and managed by a transdisciplinary team, essential for cobotics. Our premises are equipped with the best industrial resources and IT equipment, adaptable to all solutions.

With our partners ( academic, industrial, …), we are in close cooperation to provide you with complete support: from the study of your needs to the drafting of your specifications or to the production of a prototype, through the design, definition, manufacture and validation of your “tailor-made” cobot to the integration of our solutions or existing solutions (collaborative robotics, cobotics, exoskeleton ). At the same time, we ensure the deployment, training and maintenance of the solution.


Your company, your job and your project are unique!
Producing a unique work defined in time means first of all implementing a PROJECT approach

Whatever your project, you will encounter the same constraints:
– In terms of quality: your solution must meet expectations.
– In terms of time: your solution must be delivered on the date set.
– In terms of cost: your solution must respect the defined budget.

Our teams accompany you at every step of the project for an efficient integration of your solution. In fact, our approach based on the American PMI standard (The Project Management Institute) permits to handle all aspects of the project, including quality, deadlines, costs, …

We will divide your project into distinct gates (Gate from 1 to 9). At each Gate, the project continuity is reassessed by the project team.

The decision is based on a series of information and forecasts provided by the project team, as well as the possibility of modifying parameters or required resources to achieve the set objectives.


Our team draws its value and its know-how from a successful mix of experienced seniors and young graduates of major engineering schools. All come from the industrial, aeronautics, automotive and energy sectors.

E-COBOT is run by a team of 45 employees made up of experienced entrepreneurs, with profiles adapted to the challenges of Industry 4.0 and fully committed to offering you tailor-made expertise. The success of our projects is based on their skills and know-how.


Since 2016, several industrial, academic and financial partners support us In our development.

Our partners are experts in their field of activity and share with us the ambition to accelerate innovation in the industry 4.0. .
Our common aim is to create interactions between all innovation actors in order to propose the best and efficient solution.

Our service offer in cobotics and robotics



E-COBOT supports you in 3 phases, from the study of your need to its integration, including the drafting of your specifications.

1 – A Study & Diagnostic Process Phase

• Flow and process analysis;
• Risk analysis, FMEA; 
• Need analysis; 
• Functional study of the need;
• Flow / process;
• Profit projection, ROI computation calculation and KPIs definition.

2 – An experimentation phase

• Feasibility and integration study on a limited scope;
• Writing functional specifications;
• Prototyping accessories adapted to the profession and use;
• Demo, Tests or Rental.

3 – A phase of deployment of the solution

• Technical specifications of the need (Products, Services and Software);
• Purchase or rental or use of the solution;
• Installation, Commissioning, Training, Maintenance;
• Support for the gradual deployment of the complete solution;
• Monitoring of KPIs and feedback.



E-COBOT is a real actor in French Cobotic ; in the health sector, industry and retail.

E-COBOT aims to propose the solution best suited to your context (needs, constraints, economic assumptions, …). Our solutions are based on mobile cobots and a set of adaptable accessories.

The E-COBOT teams will offer you the best solution to meet your problems:

Thanks to the ranges of mobile robots, standards augmented by their catalogs of adaptable accessories according to the uses. Thanks to our expertise in collaborative robots such as YASKAWA, FANUC, UNIVERSAL ROBOTS or ABB, we are able to define the well adapted solution to your context.

Our certifications & commitments

E-COBOT’s employees are included in customer satisfaction thanks to our pragmatic management system. This latter focuses on the continuous improvement of the quality of missions

Our users trust us as we have technical expertise in the methods and tools we deploy. Therefore, we are in continuous look for efficiency and competitiveness. 

Our Quality Policy considers three axes:

 – customer satisfaction;
 – employee satisfaction;
 – continuous improvement;

Actually, we are in an audit process to carry out ISO9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification in 2021.

ISO 9001

To guarantee full satisfaction of our customers

ISO 14001

To control and reduce our environmental impact

ISO 45001

To guarantee the safety of our employees and users.

E-COBOT goals for 2020:

– Guarantee that our customers are satisfied and want to pursue the adventure with us (or recommend us);
– Increase the number of people helped by our products;
– Guarantee that our cobots are safe;
– Significantly reduce the company’s CO2 emissions.

Supplier policy and CSR

For the development of our Husky, we develop partnerships with actors in “Le grand Ouest” in order to:

– Guarantee the quality of our product through exchanges facilitated by proximity;
– Reduce transport and consequently the environmental impact;
– Contribute to the life of the local economic fabric.

We believe that it is essential to preserve the environment, thus, we are continually looking to improve ourselves. In fact, we consider the partnerships created to improve our product while reducing our impact through the optimization of materials, manufacturing processes or transport.

In addition, we are concerned by the digital technology impact on the environment. This is a main topic in our activities. To this end, we are under audit for the ISO 14 001.